PA Watershed Summit 2010

Organizational Track

Building a Bigger, Badder Board for Your Watershed Association

For most watershed associations, their board plays a critical role in its success. This session will address the issues that are common in watershed associations – the need to expand the board, refresh the board and create clarity about board roles and responsibilities – and even, get that big, bad board to raise money!

  • Scott Leff, Associate Director, Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University Presentation

Y’All Come: Building a Plan for Greater Community Engagement

Watershed associations depend on their neighbors and friends to help them with their projects, build the buzz on environmental issues and speak up to public officials and the media. This session will introduce a tool under development to help watershed groups be more intentional about their plans for broader and deeper engagement with their community. How do you find all the potential volunteers, advocates, friends and partners for your shared
civic dreams?

  • Moderator: Peggy Morrison Outon, Executive Director, Bayer Center for Nonprofit Management at Robert Morris University Download Materials
  • Elizabeth Dropp and Tom Osbourne, Board of Directors, Conewango Creek Watershed Association

Mo’ Money & From More Places…

All watershed associations always need more money to build their organization’s work. The money also needs to come from multiple sources. This workshop will draw on the experiences of expert fundraisers and philanthropists who will help you identify additional dollars from
established sources and think about new ways of working to find new dollars.

  • Moderator: Bev Braverman, Executive Director, Mountain Watershed Association WorkbookPresentation
  • Rita Coleman, Watershed Management Program Manager, DEP Presentation
  • Brian Hill, Program Management Officer, Richard King Mellon Foundation Presentation
  • Dennis Pennington, Water Quality Manager, Wissahickon Valley Watershed Association Presentation

The Legacy Property Fund: Can Your Organization Benefit?

This Session will discuss the details of a new fund raising technique. The Legacy Property Fund is a new way to use the sale of someone’s property to provide a gift of 3-5% of the sale price to a watershed organization or any charity. This is an IRS generated program that allows the tax savings of a bargain sale to be used as a gift. The seller still receives their price. This only works for certain properties but has significant potential.

  • Moderator: John Dawes, Executive Director, Foundation for PA Watersheds
  • John Rogers, President, Keystone Conservation Trust Presentation
  • Phil Wallis, President, Pennsylvania Audubon

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